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Emily Draws

Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca, Mexico

This is such a great idea!  I like to travel and see new places.  When I do, at first I always feel a bit isolated, not knowing anyone.  It would be absolutely wonderful to explore a new city, already having an acquaintance there.  Lonely Planet or Trip Advisor, as great as they are, can’t tell you everything about a city.  It’s great to have the suggestions of a local as well, and to be able to spend time with someone who shares my interests and can show me or recommend to me their favourite places in their city.  I’m excited to become a gypsy50s member!

Jim LaFlamme

Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA

The best way for me to tell you how i feel is this. I often travel to beach areas in the Caribbean and Mexico, and see many people with the bracelets from all inclusive resorts. It makes me wonder why some people take their small world into another small world of a resort. Perhaps it is wonderful. Yet in my travels I have visited places they might never consider, experienced people I know to this day, and have experiences that will stay with me forever. This freedom and quest for life is what gypsy50s is for my wife and I. The unknown destination. The mole restaurant an artist friend suggested in Oaxaca - a little mom and pop place on the second floor above a chic boutique - where I never would have imagined it could be. The boat ride out on Lago Maggiore that a friend we met took us on. The motorcycle trip through the alps into France. This is the thirst my life has had, and the whole reason I find gypsy50s so exciting. It makes what I love so much more available. 

Bo Florin

Barcellona, Spain

I love the principal of Gypsy 50's. Making travelling fun, safe and exciting again. In a growing society of androids and tablets we have become so desensitised to those around us and Gypsy 50's is bringing us back together again. I have a love for hard rock and heavy metal and I am excited to discover new friends on the other side of the planet who share the same interests. A stranger who shares the same passions can quickly become like an old familiar friend. In the ever increasing technological race, I am ecstatic that we have not been forgotten about! And who knows what the future will bring, you never know maybe I'll find my next band mates when I least expect to.

Sue Davis

Hoi An, Vietnam

If you’re into limits, boundaries and staying inside that box, gypsy50s is not for you! If you want more action, more connection, more opportunities in your life then look no further.   Gypsy50s provides an international format for more mature people and kids at heart who have survived the first 50 years of their life and now want more…….more excitement, more friends, more experiences and more blessings. This concept, to connect like minded people from all over the globe so that they may even meet at some stage is innovative but accessible to everyone with a computer. It sounds like a win win situation. I’ll be signing up for it!