Flipping the bird at the Grim Reaper

Christmas is over and the new year approaches, hand in hand with personal reflections about the year that was and considering how we can improve our lot for 2017. 

I don’t know about you, but my personal reflection time is being interrupted by the passing of some of the greats from my childhood through to my twenties and beyond, and that is not on! 

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Why join gypsy50s?

New friends, new places, new adventures! 

The countdown to launch date is getting serious - only a few days to go!! We thought this would be a great time to revisit what  gypsy50s can do for you and give you a clear description of our member services.

We are an online international network where people – specifically people aged over 50 – are able to make connections with others, regardless of where they live, and arrange free accommodation in their homes when they travel.

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What the heck is gypsy50s?

What The Heck is gypsy50s?

If you're reading this post, you’ve probably been searching for travel, friendship or networking opportunities and you are most likely aged 50 or more.

In a recent post we introduced the founder of gypsy50s, who has spent thirty years travelling, guesting and hosting along the way, making more friends than you could poke a stick at and generally loving life.  gypsy50s is an extension of her experiences, one she is sharing with anyone over fifty who wants a new way to travel and a simple way to meet new people.


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Who's behind gypsy50s

Connecting travellers is something Fuzz Cairns knows all about.  An international traveller since her early twenties, she has thirty years experience in as both host and guest, and seems a natural choice to show others how to follow her lead.

“ is born from a dream of being free. Truly free. Free to wander around the globe knowing I can find a friendly house anywhere I go where I can stay. Somewhere I can share some food, a glass of wine, a story, a new adventure.” Fuzz Cairns


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