What the heck is gypsy50s?

What The Heck is gypsy50s?

If you're reading this post, you’ve probably been searching for travel, friendship or networking opportunities and you are most likely aged 50 or more.

In a recent post we introduced the founder of gypsy50s, who has spent thirty years travelling, guesting and hosting along the way, making more friends than you could poke a stick at and generally loving life.  gypsy50s is an extension of her experiences, one she is sharing with anyone over fifty who wants a new way to travel and a simple way to meet new people.

What exactly do we do and why are we offering the service only to the 50+ traveller?

Just a few words can answer that question.  Friendship and a happy life; Maturity and common interests.

One of the main aims of gypsy50s is to match hosts and guests for the purpose of travelling.  Aside from the financial saving - our hosts don't charge for accommodating guests in their homes - there's the added bonus of having someone to give you the local info that the tour brochures can't give you.  The best restaurant for seafood, that cool bookstore that specialises in art books, the market where you can find the freshest produce, the fishing spot nobody else knows about.  How do you find those people?  You use our forums, looking for like-minded 50+ people who are on your wavelength, share your interests and are "your kind of people". Some who can become a friend through shared interests and experiences.

And because our members are 50+ only, you'll find it easier to find that commonality and level of maturity you're looking for in a potential guest or host.  And you can take as long as you like getting to know those people online before you pack your bag or make up the guest room.

There are other benefits of connecting with people and creating gypsy networks and they're all based on creating great memories, whether at home or on the other side of the world.

Helping you make your travel experiences more personal and creating happiness is at of the heart of what we do here at gypsy50s.  That's it.  Enjoy!