Why join gypsy50s?

New friends, new places, new adventures! 

The countdown to launch date is getting serious - only a few days to go!! We thought this would be a great time to revisit what  gypsy50s can do for you and give you a clear description of our member services.

We are an online international network where people – specifically people aged over 50 – are able to make connections with others, regardless of where they live, and arrange free accommodation in their homes when they travel.

Our membership gives each person (or couple) their own profile page as well as becoming part of a completely interactive community. The sign-up process requires formal identification of person and address. Everyone on our site will be fully verified before going live.

There are forums and places where you can swap photos, videos, travel stories and knowledge. All these new friends and information will make planning a trip – whether interstate or overseas – an easier task. Both hosts and guests are rated and reviewed so that others making travel plans can form an accurate idea about potential accommodation options or visiting guests.

We will be holding regular travel giveaways for members, so start your new adventures with a gypsy50s membership and open a world of new opportunities and a host of new friends into your life.

Fall in love with life again!