How can I join?

We’re offering the first 500 memberships for free.  Once we hit that magic number, we’ll be charging an annual membership fee that can be paid monthly or yearly. Membership will give you access to the gypsy50s network, along with a wealth of information for over 50s travel and lifestyle.   

To become a part of this amazing community of travellers, you simply sign up, and await our email notification when the forums and second stage of the website are live.

Why do you I need to send you my I.D.? We need to know you are who you say you are and we only ask for proof of ID to verify your information is correct. This is done to ensure the integrity of our service and its users. You can take comfort in knowing that all other members have gone through the same process.

The easiest way is just to send us a photo or scan of your IDs, which you can take with your phone or computer. For additional security, and ease of sign in for you, we ask for sign in through facebook.

We understand that you might have concerns about providing this information to us, which is why we guarantee that your identification information will be permanently deleted from our database once your account is approved.

How can I become an Ambassador?

If you are interested in becoming an Ambassador for gypsy50s, please send an email to admin@gypsy50s.com to learn more about the requirements and benefits.

Why Host? 

gypsy50s is only for those aged over 50 because we believe that, as an age group, baby boomers have similar values and can will bring similar levels of respect into each other’s homes. The old “treat other people as you want to be treated” applies here.  Like so many other aspects of life, gypsy50s services work best from a foundation of mutual respect.  Simple things like politeness, understanding, honesty and using your judgement will help make your gypsy50s experience a positive and happy one. Refer to our Community Guidelines. 

How does hosting work?

Hosting or being hosted is something of a team effort. We provide you with the tools, and you use them to find the host or guest that is the right fit for you. Once the forums are live, you will be able to start to search for a forum topic, looking for hosts or simply to ask questions about destinations or interests.

How do I find the right Host or Guest?

We recommend really connecting with your future host or guest and asking questions through our chat facility. When you feel comfortable, make the arrangements, making sure you discuss with your host or guest any special conditions that might affect your experience. Use your common sense here.

Be gracious hosts and respectful guests and great memories will follow.

Do I get points for hosting?

The gypsy50s community doesn’t operate on points. There’s a rating system in place for both hosts and guests so other users can see what kind of guest or host you are. However there are no benefits apart from an excellent rating, making you sought-after as a potential host/guest. Hosting is a reward on its own, just as being a guest is.T

Travelling is only half the fun - the people you meet could become lifelong friends - isn’t that better than a few points on a board?

Can I charge a fee for hosting?

No.  gypsy50s hosts do not charge a fee or ask for any reimbursement from their guests. When you and your guest are working out the details of their stay, both must be very clear in what their expectations are.  A guest might choose to thank their host with dinner or a gift, but there’s no requirement for them to do that. We expect our members will all pretty lovely people and the shared memories will be bonus enough.

Do I have to host someone?

No. Life is busy at the best of times, so sometimes having someone to stay can be inconvenient, but you might have the time to meet up for a coffee or a glass of wine instead. Or just give them tips about where to find the best burgers, cheapest groceries or the perfect place to watch the sunset.

We believe there is something really special about showing someone your neighbourhood that makes you see it again with fresh and happy eyes.

What are the forums for?

The forums are a place where you can ask any question of other gypsy50s members; maybe that’s to find out where the best jazz festival is in the States or what is a must-see if you only have 2 days in Paris.

You can also discuss other non-travel related topics about health, travel insurance, cake-decorating or tattoos. 

I’m close to being fifty years old, but not quite, can I join?

We’d be happy to have you, but you’ll have to wait. This site is intended only for people over fifty years old and that’s where the line in the sand is drawn.  We’ll still be here when you celebrate your milestone birthday, so we’ll see you then.

However, if you are able to join as a couple and your partner is over 50 – you can join up and let your adventures begin.

I’m thinking about subscribing, but I’m worried about my personal information.

As stated in our privacy policy, gypsy50s will not share your information with any third party. The information you provide to us will be used as stated in that policy. We encourage you to read our Terms of Use and our Privacy Policy so you can be sure that your information is safe with us.

I had a great time! How can I share my experiences with others?

We value the stories our users have to tell about their experience either being guests or hosts! If you feel you have a knack for writing or photography and have great stories to share, places to recommend or travelling tips, we want to hear from you!  While we can’t pay for your articles at the moment, we may be looking for writers down the track.  Submit your tales to our editorial staff and we’ll notify you if your article is featured on our blog.

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