Why should I join?

What can gypsy50s do for me? 

gypsy50s can change your life. Yes, that’s a big call, but we say it because we believe it’s true. We’re not just about one single thing - you can use our networks to expand your own, whether that’s in your own city or one far away across the globe. Here’s fifteen great reasons to become a gypsy50s member:

1. 50s the new 40´s

We’re healthier and fitter than our counterparts were in the past. We eat well, we cycle or run, we go to the gym, and we’re usually prepared to put that extra bit of effort in to maintain our health. This also means we’re often more active in other ways, getting out and about, whether in our own local community or further afield. We’re staying younger longer and have a lot to share with others.

2. Meet People

It’s simple. We all need friends. And we all need different types of friends, for different reasons. Friends can bring a wealth of experiences, help us avoid loneliness to providing support and advice to sharing experiences.

3. Bringing adventure to the table

In an average lifetime most of us work for many years, raise families, assist relatives, care for pets - we have busy lives that often fall into safe, comforting routines. But there comes a time when a little adventure is needed to remind us that life can be lived in a different way. You choose the adventure - we simply supply the means.

4. Places to stay, people to meet

We help you find people with similar attitudes and interests, on your wavelength, to play host or guest when travelling. What better way of seeing a local point of view in a new city or country than by staying with a local person? How wonderful to show visitors around your region, sharing an experience that could create firm friendships.

5. We bring people together

Let’s say you’re a cake decorator, keen to join a network of other cake decorators. Our forums put you in touch with people who have interests aligned to your own, and they will live in every part of the world, including your own backyard. Whether you’re a vintage tractor buff or you collect Bakelite radios, if you’re wanting a local perspective on visiting Chicago or Paris, if you need help learning Spanish, there’s someone at gypsy50s looking for you.

6. Learn about each other

Our forums are ideal places to meet people who share your interests, even if they don’t share your postcode - or your hemisphere, for that matter. And as you chat, you’ll find out all sorts of things about your new friends and their lives, their culture, their knowledge and experience. Learning opens your mind!

7. Bringing Back Pen Pals!

Remember when everyone had pen friends? The excitement of an airmail envelope arriving in the mail, the reading and rereading of the letters, hearing about places you’d never imagined. We provide a platform for you to learn about people and places, language and lifestyle, culture and cuisine in much the same way as you did through corresponding with faraway friends as a child.

8. Keeping people together

Social media already provides a platform for making contact with family and friends wherever they happen to be. gypsy50s takes that a step further, connecting people through mutual interests and creating communities of interest that overlap and intersect.

9. A world without borders

gypsy50s removes the borders that separate people. You may never leave your own country to visit your new friends, but you can share your projects or experiences with them. Moved to a new city? Get personal recommendations from other residents. Want to write a book? Connect with others who have and learn from them. Wherever in the world they are.

10. An Open Mind

Meeting and communicating with a diversity of people can only broaden your horizons and open your mind to new ideas. gypsy50s provides the tools to do just that.

11. Different city or same town

Not everybody has the same desire to travel and gypsy50s understands that some people will prefer to create local networks for their book club or photography group, while others will be keen to travel to new and distant places. Let us point you in the right direction!

12. Bringing Back Confidence

Sometimes we need a kick start to help us as we move into a new phase of life. gypsy50s offers a way of dipping your toes into adventure, as much or as little as you choose, and lets you control the who, what, where and how.

13. Do what you love and love what you do

When do you feel most alive? Most fulfilled? Happiest? We’d like to bet it’s when you’re doing something you’re passionate about, or being with people on your wavelength. Let gypsy50s connect you with a host of people just like you, who love what you love. Learn new skills or discover new information about your passions - and share your experience. We guarantee you will love how that makes you feel!

14. Happy life, healthy life

Happy people are more likely to follow good self-care and have better social networks -- both reliable indicators of good physical health. Happiness is contagious, share it around!

15. Live and let live

Life is short. Live it! Live, love and laugh longer!!

Transforming the way you travel!!!

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