Why travel the gypsy50s way

1. Save money

With a low monthly or yearly subscription fee and nothing else to pay for making the contacts necessary to plan your next trip, the total cost will never be as high as using the services of a travel agent.

2. Get references of places to visit by locals

Who better to trust with references to local places and events of your next travel destination than by someone who actually lives there. An agent may or may not have visited your destination and will offer advice on things that he has read or only heard about.

3. Trustworthy friends that have your best interest at heart

Your new friends in the gypsy50s community will care about you and share your values. You will know that they will want you to have the best experiences during your trip and will make sure that you are safely and honestly informed. Not to say that your agent will not have your best interest at heart, but it is a business and you are a customer amongst many others.

4. Share the experiences with others over 50

You know that your friends in the gypsy50s community are over 50 and share your interests. They will guide you to local places and events that are age appropriate for you. The agent may be young and not understand your need for activities that are suitable for you.  

5. Make lifelong friends

Not to say that you will not become friends with your travel agent, but the relationship is based on a business concept. gypsy50s is not a business where the members are out to make money. They are there, just like you, to make new friends and open doors to worldwide possibilities.

6. Feel safe

Always feel like you can ask your friends for advice regarding your safety in a new place because they live there. They will be capable of telling you the areas that are safe to visit and those that require a little more vigilance. They will help make you feel confident about being in a new city or country. Your agent has probably never been to the place you are visiting and can only speculate.

7. Activities guided for your interests, age, and capacities

The activities and events suggested by your gypsy50s friends will always be age appropriate. You will have chatted together and exchanged personal information and they will know if you have some medical or physical limitations that would make some activities too strenuous for you.

8. Stay in constant contact

During your travels, you can message your gypsy50s friends and get immediate information if necessary. Your agent may be out of the office and may not be available to reply to your inquiry in a timely manner.

9. No surprises down the line

You will never get an extra cost or fee for a service provided by gypsy50s. You pay your subscription and will never get any surprises. Sometimes agents may hide a fee or you may be misinformed on certain costs.

10. You are part of a community

Your travel agent will always make you feel welcome and will be friendly, but with gypsy50s you are part of a group of like-minded people. We are a community!

gypsy50s…transforming the way you travel!!! 


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